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About the Authors

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The authors with their supportive wives

Jake Beaty is co-author with his dad, Jim Beaty, of Winter’s Comin’, the story of how the Beaty family moved from Seattle’s suburbs to build a log house in the woods of North Central Washington State.

They endured the challenges of record cold temperatures and living without electricity or running water to create cherished memories and a family legacy of perseverance and adventure. Read more>>

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About Winter’s Comin’

Fill in the blank: “Someday I want to ____________.”
Life is short, and if you’re not careful, someday can become a code word for never. Winter’s Comin’ is more than the story of a family who built a log cabin in the woods. It’s a story about making dreams come true, about working through resistance, about living without regrets. Read more>>

Winter’s Comin’: A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

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Future Books


Captain Jake & Cargo Ship Spirit of Grace

A young captain. An old ship. An all-volunteer crew on a humani- tarian aid voyage to Israel during the Lebanon War. What could possibly go wrong?—coming soon!


Jake & Jennifer’s First Wedding in Bolivia

A former ship’s captain living in off-grid cabin in Washington state. An orphanage founder/ director from Texas living in Bolivia. How did they ever come to meet-–coming! Read more>>