Jake & Jennifer on their first date

Jake Beaty, Author

Jake Beaty will be the author of multiple books. His first, Winter’s Comin’, is co-authored with his dad, Jim Beaty.

Winter’s Comin’ is a memoir told from Jim’s  perspective about following his dreams to build a log cabin and make a living in the woods of north central Washington state. Jake grew up in the cabin, and still considers the place home.

Jake attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York, and upon graduation, sailed as a civilian for four and a half years on US Navy Military Sealift Command ammunition ships. He advanced his license to Master Upon Oceans, Any Gross Tons (big ship captain, for you landlubbers) and quit the Military Sealift Command to volunteer with Friend Ships. Friend Ships is a humanitarian aid and disaster relief shipping organization based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Jake sailed as captain at the age of 27 to Haiti, then to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and then to Israel during the Lebanon War in 2006. These experiences provided rich fodder for stories yet to be told.

Jake lived for three years in Cochabamba, Bolivia, the heart of South America, with his lovely wife Jennifer and their growing family. They have five children: Joel, Michael, Samuel, Sophia and Lydia, with a sixth on the way. Jennifer lived in Bolivia for eleven years, having founded and directed an orphanage for babies. They met in Bolivia while Jake was on a trip to visit one of the children he sponsors through Compassion International. There’s a story there, too.

Jake had desired to write the story of his family’s adventures in the woods of Washington State for many years. The family only had the adventure because his dad, Jim, resolved not to say, “I wish I had.” Jake too, with the support of his wife, decided that he would not say “I wish I had,” and the results are available in his first book, Winter’s Comin’.

Live without regrets. Buy Jake and Jim’s book about log cabin living today, or you’ll wish you had.


Jim & Thea on their first date

Jim Beaty, Author

Jim Beaty is co-author with his son, Jake Beaty, of Winter’s Comin’. Jim desired to live a life of independence and self-reliance from his earliest days, and he resolved not to say, “I wish I had.” Jim, with his wife Thea, took a log-cabin building class from Skip Ellsworth, and together they built a log house with their own hands that stands tall and proud more than thirty years later.

As a young child, Jim suffered from internal birth defects that threatened his life. An experimental surgery was performed and he was one of the first to survive. Further surgeries were required when Jim was in his thirties, and these experiences impressed on him how fragile life can be, and the importance of taking action while he still could.

Saturday morning westerns and TV shows like Davey Crocket and Bonanza shaped Jim’s desires and plans for the future. He pictured himself and his family living in a log house that he built with his own two hands.

Jim built on his natural understanding of mechanics as a kid by taking apart everyday items to see how they worked. He also had artistic talents that led him to study commercial art at the Burnley School. When the art became a job, it lost its appeal and he took a job logging the giant first growth trees along the Washington coast. The experiences of using chain saws and rigging would come in handy later in his life. He managed a bicycle shop during the bike boom between jobs working in the woods.

After meeting the girl that would be his wife, his desire to build a log home and live in or near the forest was revived. She was willing to share in that dream. Two days before the wedding, he quit logging for good. His father-in-law, who had worked in the printing trade for many years, helped him find a job in the printing industry within a month. He started out in the bindery area and moved into running presses for a well know electronic test equipment company. Over time, Jim became an illustrator in the art department for them.

During those years his leisure time was spent four wheeling in his Toyota FJ40 in the nearby mountains. Finding the need to repair broken parts on his vehicle, he took a night class in welding. He had a talent for that as well, which led to a union job in a machine shop where he learned many more skills that would come into play along the way.

Jim followed through on his childhood dreams, and Winter’s Comin’ recounts the hardships and successes of that adventure. Whatever your dreams, you will be encouraged as you read this story of a man who made his happen. Buy Jim and Jake’s book about log cabin living today, and you may be motivated to make your own dreams reality.